This is to certify that the inspection systems

Hawkeye 2000 and Hawkeye 1000

owned by ARRB Systems

have been awarded Class B accreditation for use in

iRAP-specification road surveys and road attribute coding



The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to saving lives by eliminating high risk roads throughout the world. Like many life-saving charities working in the public health arena, we use a robust, evidence-based approach to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering.

iRAP works in partnership with governments, road authorities, mobility clubs, development banks, NGOs and research organisations to:

Inspect high-risk roads and develop Star Ratings, Risk Maps and Safer Roads Investment Plans

Provide training, technology and support that will build and sustain national, regional and local capability

Track road safety performance so that funding agencies can assess the benefits of their investments.



The International Road Assessment Programme (IRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to preventing the more than 3,500 road deaths that occur every day worldwide. iRAP partners with governments, mobility clubs, development banks, research institutes and road safety NGOs in 100 countries to provide the tools and training to make roads safe. 

Motorization Rate


This OICA statistics web page contains world motor vehicles in use obtained from national trade organizations, OICA members or correspondents, National Offices of Statistics or Ministries of Transport.Vehicles in use are composed of all registered vehicles on the road. To calculate the motorization rate, population data published by the United Nations are used.



La congestión en las 32 ciudades mexicanas analizadas en el estudio cuesta 94 mil millones de pesos al año.

En las 32 ciudades analizadas, cada persona pierde en promedio 100 horas adicionales en sus traslados al año.

El 39% de los mexicanos en las 32 ciudades estudiadas usa transporte público, pero reciben solamente 1.2% del presupuesto federal para movilidad.

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